Cultural Adventure Tour

In Napo Wildlife Center, you get to see beautiful an exotic animals and experience the ancestral culture of its locals. It’s a place where each turn takes you to a wonderful place filled with mesmerizing flora and fauna within the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador. See what you could be enjoying with details of the program.

First day

After a short 30 minute flight from Quito to Coca city you will take a nice boat road for around 2 hours along the Napo River. And here the fun begins, as you will be able to spot the first of many bird species you’ll have the privilege to see during the trip.

You’ll be offered a warm welcome alongside a delicious drink when you arrive to the location and then you will be escorted to your cabin. Later in the day, you’ll go to the Napo riverbank and be amazed by the sunset.

Second day

You’ll have the options to get up very early in the morning and go share with the locals and learn about their beautiful and interesting culture. You will taste their food, listen to their stories and music and see how they develop their daily activities. After, you’ll head back to eat a delicious breakfast.

When you arrive to the Napo Wildlife Center lodge, you will enjoy a typical Ecuadorian dish for lunch. And after, you can choose from a wide range of activities to do, like climbing to see more birds or just spend some peaceful time in your cabin.

Third day

On this day you will visit the parrot clay licks to see those beautiful and colorful birds flying all around. You’ll ride a canoe along the Añangu creek to the welcome zone and there take a short boat trip to enjoy the astonishing view of hundreds of different parrot species, like the blue-headed, the Amazon-Mealy, and others.

Fourth day

On day number 4, you’ll hike through the Tiputini trail, where you will see exotic animals like the White-faced capuchin monkey, pigmy squirrels, among other wonders. After that, you’ll go back for lunch and in the afternoon, you will be taken by canoes into deeper zones inside the forest to explore its wildlife.

Fifth day

After an early buffet style breakfast, you will have one last trip to the Napo River, in there you might be able to see amazing Giant otters, as well as black-capped donacobius and other species of birds. You’ll ride a canoe back to Coca to get a flight to Quito.