Extended Stay

Almost all the walks will be taken on firm land within the forest. With this, you will be able to feel and enjoy the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador and be amazed with the scents, the sounds, the faun and bright colors the forest offers. The length of the walks will depend on your personal preferences. During all of the activities, a guide will escort you and will reveal the many properties of the variety of plants you will encounter on your trip and the way to use them. Below you will find details of the extended stay program.

First day

The adventure begins with a short flight from Quito to Coca city through the eastern Andes Mountain. Then, a 5 minutes car drive followed by a trip on a motor boat for a little over 2 hours. During your trip, you will see a lot of rare and beautiful birds that fly over the river.

A staff will be waiting to welcome you when you arrive to the Napo Wildlife Center with complementary drinks and after that, you will take a serene and beautiful canoe ride through a creek for 2 hours until you arrive to the lodge.

Second day

You will enjoy of a delicious buffet style breakfast and after that, head to explore the forest from above on a canopy tower. The tower is a few minutes away from the lodge and it’s on a deep part of the forest. There you will have the privilege and pleasure to see more than 500 different kinds of colorful and exotic birds.

Third day

On the third day, you will visit the parrot clay licks. There you will enjoy a nice little ride down the Añagu creek and after, a ten minute trip on a boat during which you will see the most amazing and rare birds.

Fourth day

At the beginning of the fourth day, you will take a hike through the Tiputini trail where you will explore and look for more of the Amazon’s exotic animals like the White-faced capuchin monkey, carnivores and other wonders.

Fifth day

After another hike along the Tiputini trail in the morning looking at more of the unique wildlife, you will return to the lodge to enjoy a delicious lunch and have some time to rest. Later in the day, you will be taken with paddle canoes to deeper places within the forest. And to finish, a nice dinner after which you will be shown a video about the NWC community.