5 Days – 4 Nights


Come and experience the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest if you are looking for the adventure of your lifetime! Let the exotic air of Yasuni and Napo Wildlife Center envelop you. Learn about the ancestral customs and native knowledge of the Kichwa Añangu community by being immersed in their rich culture. Be the main protagonist in your untold story of wonder amidst this unique wilderness.

Departing from Quito, a 30 minute flight will take you to the jungle town of Coca. Here the real adventure begins! After landing, our staff members will drive you to the Orellana port, where you’ll get on board a motorized canoe that will take us to the welcoming area of the Napo Wildlife Center. During the 2 hour ride, you will have the opportunity to see some aquatic birds and nature surrounding the Napo River.

Upon arriving at the Napo Cultural Center, guests are welcomed with a nice and refreshing traditional drink and then shown to their cabins with stunning views of the wilderness and natural gardens bordering the lodge. Once settled into your new home located in the Kichwa Añangu community, you can discover what real life is like in the Amazon rainforest.

In the afternoon, you can join us on a short walk to the Napo riverbank to enjoy a beautiful sunset on the beaches and natural islands of the Napo riverbank. Then, we’ll return to the lodge to have a delicious traditional typical dinner at the restaurant. You are welcome to see how the meals are cooked by the chef since the kitchen area is open to visitors.

(OPTIONAL) We get up early at 4:30am, before the sun rises, to participate in one of the most ancient customs of the Kichwa Añangu community. The wayusa tea ceremony will energize the body and then follows the ritual of listening to Kichwa songs and meditating about life and important issues peacefully. Dream interpretation by the elders is possible.

After a buffet-style breakfast at the restaurant, we’ll visit the Canopy Observation Tower that proves to be a place where you’ll experience life in the jungle atop the trees. The 36-meter Canopy tower is about 30 minutes from the lodge and rooted deep in the forest. A place unlike any other!

Get a close-up view of colorful birds such as tanagers, toucans, macaws, parrots, flycatchers, and some monkey species. As spider or howler monkeys feed on the fruits and seeds found in the nearby trees, you can compare things like your own appetite or family dynamics.

After visiting the Canopy tower, we’ll go to the Napo Wildlife Center to have a delicious local lunch at the lodge’s restaurant. Enjoy features like a 360° view of the Añangu Lake and surrounding nature. After lunch time, you can choose from the many options the NWC offers you: relaxing on the hammocks, reading a book, or climbing the dining room observation tower for birdwatching.

In the afternoon, you’ll go hiking through a stunning terra-firme forest where you will discover this complex ecosystem. Living in the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador are vines, orchids, bromeliads, ancient trees and incredible animals such as insects, spiders, mammals, birds, and monkeys. After the hike, you’ll ride on the surrounding creeks by paddle-canoe to explore the aquatic wildlife. Dinner at the lodge at about 7:30pm.

Get up early in the morning to visit the most stunning parrot clay licks in the Amazon Jungle of Ecuador! First, we will paddle downstream on the Añangu creek until reaching the Kichwa Añangu community. Then, after a 10 minute ride on a motorized canoe, we’ll arrive at the parrot clay licks where hundreds of magnificently colorful birds gather to lick the minerals contained in the soil that help them to digest the fruits and seeds that make up their diets.

A short walk brings us to the parakeets’ clay lick next. See hundreds of parakeets atop the trees waiting for the best time to eat the minerals and salt contained in the soil. Hungry ourselves by now, we will enjoy lunch that will be served riverside in the welcoming area.

In the afternoon, we’ll visit the Interpretative Centre where the women of the community will welcome you. Learn about their customs and traditions while you enjoy the community’s typical rituals and dances. Late in the afternoon, we’ll go back to the Napo Wildlife Center lodge to have dinner and rest up for the next day’s adventure.

This morning we’ll explore the terra-firme and swamp forests of the Tiputini trail in search of more wildlife such as monkeys, snakes, two and three-toed sloths, squirrels and exotic plants and trees typical of the Tropical forest.

Then, we’ll go back to the lodge to have lunch and rest in the rooms or the social areas. And in the afternoon, we’ll paddle around in the surrounding creeks to explore the waters of Amazonia to meet with more unique wildlife.

Back to the lodge for another excellent meal. After dinner time, our staff members will play a video about the Kichwa Añangu community and the Napo Wildlife Center.

After an early breakfast, we’ll go the way we came back to Coca city. In this last excursion upstream on the Napo River, you may see some new sights of the Amazonia flora and fauna.