Birding Tour

Within the borders of Yasuni National Park in the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador you will have the privilege to see its diverse and unique flora and fauna of over 500 different bird species, vascular plants, amazing amphibians and mammals. This place was built on top of ancestral land by the Anangu Kichwa community and its run by them. A birding tour in the wildlife paradise will be an experience you will surely remember for life. Read and found information about de program.

First day

On the morning of the first day, you will take an approximately 30 minute flight to Coca and it’s there where the adventure begins. You will take a canoe ride that will last about two hours and will take you downstream to the NWC, where the personnel will be waiting to welcome you.

There, you will change to smaller paddles canoes and go through Añangu Creek to arrive to the Napo Wildlife Center’s lodge. During this short trip, you will see a lot of interesting and colorful animals including birds like the Red-bellied Macaw, Tiger-Heron, among many others.

Day two to four

During this time you will have the opportunity to explore western Amazonia see a lot of the hundreds of bird species that inhabit this place. There will be one or two mornings during your stay dedicated to visit the canopy tower, so you can experience the forest 36 meters from the ground and very close to the marvelous birds.

There are a lot of aracaris, euphonias and other bird species that roam around the tower searching for food and you will be able to see these astonishing animals in their habitat as they perform their regular activities.

The trails of the forest provide passage to other bird habitats where you will find woodcreepers, tinamous, among others. There are different clay licks on the Napo Wildlife Center where you’ll be able to see a marvelous spectacle of colorful parakeets and parrots flying all around searching for clay.

There will also be several canoe rides throughout the lake and its creeks. During those rides you will have the pleasure to hear the beautiful songs of the Silvered Antbirds. In the NWC you’ll see many exotic birds, some of which you might have not even heard before.

Day five

This last day, after one last breakfast, you’ll go back to Cola where you will be able to purchase a flight to Quito. This will be an experience you will remember for life.